About us

Enov Electronic was in 2021 in Istanbul. We offer support to the electronic production, R&D and electronic card repair sectors in the procurement of electronic components and other products.

We have a wide supply network abroad for active and passive components, electromechanical circuit parts, electronic modules, lcd and boards. With our experience of over 10 years in sales and purchasing, we are pricing your BOM lists and preparing offers with the most benefits for you.

We have the capability of doing global research for alternative products that are no longer produced and are difficult to obtain.

Thanks to global distributors such as Digikey, Mouser, Farnell, and Arrow, we maintain a rich product and brand diversity and provide for our customers their deliveries quickly with weekly shipments.

Our constant improvement in inquiring about the needed products around the world, purchasing them and offering them to our customers with the most convenient prices distinguishes us from others.

At the same time, we offer services to our customers with our expert partners in the field of weak current systems, camera and alarm systems, network products, installation and management.



To support R&D, production, and technical departments by providing price and delivery time advantages to our customers through shipments from global component distributors and the Far East market while maintaining quality. To deliver spare parts that are no longer produced and difficult to obtain to our customers by inquiring about them around the world.


To sign new distributorship agreements and diversify our product portfolio by following the daily developments in the component industry. To become one of the most preferred and prominent companies in the electronic component industry, by prioritizing the satisfaction of our customers.

We serve our valued customers with the experience we have gained in the sector.

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